Every opportunity is a problem and every problem an opportunity!

What looks does not happen and what happens does not look. Often what is an opportunity, people understand it as a problem. Because opportunity always comes in disguise. That’s why, it appears as a problem. Let us try to understand this in detail in the present situation. Now a days every person is repeating the (more…)

It is Important to Understand this before taking Homeopathic Treatment.

Often people ask that which medicine is there for such and such disease in homeopathy? Or they ask whether the treatment of such disease is in homeopathy or not? It should be understood that what is often called a disease is only a symptom or symptoms related to a single organ, whereas the cause of (more…)

What is Homeopathy for? Why Homeopathy is needed?

Homeopathy is for “Model Cure”. It is needed to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it it is termed. Treatment that restores the patient to a natural state of health. That is, the state in which the patient does not need any medicine at all. He does not even remember the disease. It (more…)