Often people ask that which medicine is there for such and such disease in homeopathy? Or they ask whether the treatment of such disease is in homeopathy or not?

It should be understood that what is often called a disease is only a symptom or symptoms related to a single organ, whereas the cause of disease is a derangement in the vitality of the patient.

There is no fixed medicine for any disease in homeopathy.

In Homeopathy, those who seek medicine for the disease always fail. Those who seek medicine for the patient, they are successful.

Trying to cure a disease is suppressing a disease and today most homeopaths are doing the same.

That is why the medicine of different patients suffering from the same disease can be different and same medicine can be given in different diseases.

That is, the disease is not treated, the patient is treated.

It depends on a thorough study and analysis of the patient’s overall symptoms, history, physical and mental structure, social and economic status, home environment, etc.

In homeopathy, no single disease is treated, but the patient is treated as a whole.

That is, there is a cure for every disease in homeopathy.

If the patient started taking homeopathic treatment too late and his vitality has become very weak, then it is not possible to eliminate the diseases.

This treatment takes out all the suppressed diseases of the patient, in turn by turn…

Therefore, it is unfair to expect temporary prevention instead of a permanent solution from homeopathy, which will only lead to disappointment.

That is why after starting homeopathic treatment, no other medicine should be taken internally or applied externally.

No matter what other problem it may be.

Otherwise the disease becomes complicated.

On coming out of any disease from inside, like fever, cold, skin diseases etc., one should be happy and should not take back suppressive therapy.

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