What looks does not happen and what happens does not look.

Often what is an opportunity, people understand it as a problem. Because opportunity always comes in disguise. That’s why, it appears as a problem.

Let us try to understand this in detail in the present situation.

Now a days every person is repeating the same thing over and over again Corona, Corona, Corona!

First of all let us decide here, is Corona our friend or enemy?

As far as I am concerned, Corona is also an enemy or may be. Or even a friend or maybe. This will depend on the host, ie in whose body the infection has occurred.

Even if we use common sense without going into depth, then why does not every person have the same effect in any epidemic or any infection?

The simple answer will be, immunity! And if you think a little deeper, then the life force which is also called Vital Force or Vital Principle.

So now the question arises that, how will this immunity increase or balance? Becoming independent or becoming dependent?

Self-reliant or dependent? What would you like to be?

No matter how many arrangements are made outside, it is almost impossible to prevent infection.
Need to be strong from inside.

Forcibly lowering the temperature in fever, feeding paracetamol after vaccination, always keeping children decorated in slippers-shoes and clothes since childhood and not letting them come in contact with nature and whenever the body is taking out any disease, suppression in the name of modern medicine, etc., reduces immunity.

To snatch someone’s struggle is to deprive him of strength.

In fact, seasonal ailments like cold-cough, fever, “boost” not only immunity but also vitality, along with cleaning the body. Infections by viruses, bacteria, etc. assist in this process. So, what is considered a problem is an opportunity!

Remember, not all people die in epidemics, only those who are weak inside die.

Struggle gives strength, escape will only lead to weakness.

That is why our system of medicine should be such that there is no unnecessary outside help or interference. The person should be made self-reliant, not dependent.

This is what is done in homeopathy. The patient is brought back to a normal state of health, where he does not need any external help again and again.

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